About us
For over 80 years, we have been working from the passion to provide people with durable and safe footwear, since we believe that good footwear allows you to move in a safe and comfortable manner. Whether it concerns use in professional situations or private use, we have a solution for any situation.

Over the years, much has changed and we have introduced countless of innovations. These innovations have taken us from the traditional wooden clogs to our current wide product range. In addition to footwear, we also have our own work wear line, PPE products and we respond to the latest fashion trends, for instance with the launch of safety sneakers and trendy flip flops.

Gevavi BV and Planet Europe NV
Since 2011 we have merged with Planet Europe NV.  This new combination provides a reinforcement on both the business to business market and the retail market. In addition to the Netherlands, we now also have a branch in Belgium.

We supply exclusively through resellers. Sales to individuals is not possible.